Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Lecture in Copenhagen!

Are you in Copenhagen on Thursday? (Or are you any close to Copenhagen? In that case: make sure to get there!) Because you wouldn't want to miss a lecture by a world-renowned NT-scholar, right?  

On Thursday November 19th, Dale B. Martin will lecture on "The Meaning of PORNEIA in Hellenistic Judaism and Early Christianity, including Paul", criticizing the thesis by Kyle Harper. (Which can be found here: ‘Porneia: The Making of a Christian Sexual Norm’, Journal of Biblical Literature 131 no. 2 (2012) 363-383.)

Time and place: 14.15-16.00, Aud. 8, second floor.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The end of the world is near! (In Lund at least)

Last term, the following lecture unfortunately had to be cancelled, which tempted Lund's coordinator Andreas Westergren to write a mail with the title: "The end of the world - not tomorrow" ;-) This time, however, it seems unavoidable...

Find more information about this very interesting lecture of Jayne Svenungsson and the subsequent panel discussion in Lund next month - and don't miss it!

Apocalypticism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

November 26, 15.15-17, LUX C121
Helgonavägen 3, http://www.ht.lu.se/en/lux/kontakt/kartor-och-fardsatt/

Jayne Svenungsson, Professor of Systematic Theology
"Apocalyptic Motifs in Medieval Europe, Exemplified by Joachim of Fiore"

followed by a panel discussion with Svenungsson
Jan Hjärpe, Prof. em. Islamology
Magnus Zetterholm, Ass. Prof. New Testament
Aron Engberg, PhD-Student Global Christianity
Moderated by Samuel Rubenson, Prof. Church History

For more information, mail andreas.westergren@teol.lu.se

Monday, 7 September 2015

Rumi & Ibn Al-Arabi & Clement & Tertullian were in Lund

I don't think the abovementioned two early church fathers ever realised they would become the topic of an RRE master thesis and probably neither so did the two Sufis in the header. 
(They should feel honored, that's what I want to say.)

Anyways, last Thursday Leila Rezaee (5th cycle) presented her thesis on Jesus in Ibn Al-Arabis Fusus al-hisham and in Rumi's Mathnawi. Paula Dubbink (4th cycle) presented about veiling and dress in Clement's Paidagogos and in Tertullian's De Cultu Feminarum and De Virginibus Velandis. After the presentation, the other student asked questions regarding the thesis to the presenter and later also the audience could join in. This led to lively discussions, after which everyone was happy to get drinks&snacks and celebrate. :)

Congratulations, Leila and Paula! 

Discussion time

Professors (Samuel Rubenson, Jonas Otterbeck, Henrik Rydell and Andreas Westergren) and snacks  (cheese, bread, kex, pretzels, chips) afterwards. ;-)

(The careful reader might realise that the girl with the white blouse is me, so I am congratulating myself in this blog. Sorry. Anyways, who takes over this blog? Who? WHO?! Mail me if you're interested, 6th and 7th cycle students!)


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Quiz: 18781, 7, 23, 2018, 8

The first after-sommer blog offers a small quiz. If you think that you know the answer - treat yourself on an ice cream! (If you're not sure whether you got it right, send me a message to get it checked. And treat yourself on ice anyhow :P)

Fill in the xx's with the numbers mentioned in the title of this blog:

The xxth cycle, which will begin its RRE studies very soon, is hereby warmly welcomed into the program. We're happy to have you along! I don't know anything the number of accepted student, but hopefully soon an update on that. You made a proper choice for your MA - now enjoy it! 

Even more amazingly, the RRE program is planning ahead: on the Aarhus RRE website, the courses for the spring term of xx can be found, for the xxth cycle (!). Long live RRE! 

After what I have heard to be a very bad July, the weather in Lund and surroundings has been great lately. Today offers sun and a nice xx degrees, if I may believe Sydsvenskan.

This is ultimate procrastinating behavior (sorry Henrik) as I will hand in my thesis in one week from now. Right now, my thesis has xx words and that should definitely become a few more over the next week. Anyways, I'm soon to graduate - finally - which means that this blog now really needs someone to take over if it is to survive, as I don't think I will, want or should continue writing as an alumna. So, are you an RRE student and would you like to write something about RRE every now and then? Contact me! :-) 


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Two MA theses on Augustine

As written before, we in Lund had the pleasure to attend the thesis defense of two 5th cycle students on Tuesday. Coincidentally both theses concerned the writings of Augustine! The two graduates are Kyraki Arvaniti with her thesis "From Nicomachean Ethics to City of God. A study on evolution from metriopatheia to passions and sins" and Annamaria Laviola with "Interchangeable Bodies. The Materialization of Bodies in Augustine’s thoughts on marriage and virginity."

I only could attend the presentation of Annamaria, but I have heard that both students did a very good job. Now they will have a week to revise their theses based on the comments that they received during the seminar and then they will be real RRE graduates. Congratulations, Annamaria and Kyriaki - great work! 

Annamaria during her presentation

Kyriaki giving comments

Pondering professors

The two students after the defense

PS. I'm sure that there must be more people who have finished just before summer, but I only know about Lund. Did you finish or do you know others? Send me some pictures and/or write a blog yourself and it will be uploaded! :-) DS.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Right now in room B353 of LUX in Lund...

two fifth cycle students defend their theses on Augustine! Stay on for more info...or drop by. Until 5.30, drinks on the 4th flour afterwards.


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Is the RRE Blog still alive?

Yes, it is. It was just in a state of hibernation, which really isn't that strange if you think about Scandinavian winters. 

But we're back with great news: another student graduating from the program! 
About two weeks ago, Ivana from Serbia handed in her thesis. Me and Thomas visited her on her last full day in Copenhagen. In between catching up over a good cup of coffee and eating Asian food at Wagamama (we recommend), she showed us det Kongelige Bibliotek - Copenhagen's very new Royal Library, which is also known as the Black Diamond
It's a great building with fantastic architecture and a majestic atmosphere. We were highly impressed. Go to Copenhagen, ye prospective RREs. :-)

Ivana and her thesis in front of the room where she spent many hours writing 

Some images of the library, but they don't really do justice to the building. 

By Ivana's request, I had to include a picture with all of us on it. Allright then.
Ivana, congratulations!