Thursday, 29 August 2013

Re-starting up!

A renewed welcome, I think one could say! For several reasons, this blog has been down for more than half a year (we apologize!), but we have the solid intention to start this up again and continue throughout the year with blogs about anything (slightly) related to the RRE program, which could be both be very academic entries, but also just fun little posts.
A warm welcome especially to the new 5th cycle students, who will officially begin their studies next week, but in most places probably already have had a welcome meeting. We’re happy to have you here!
Writer of the above is Paula, a 4th cycle student (that means I started in Fall 2012) in Lund. For now, I am the only one of my cycle writing blogs, but if someone – either 4th or 5th cycle – feels inspired to join, that would be very great. Just send a mail to

Not only this blog is starting up again, also summer is coming to an end and a new term is almost there! The new students will, like every year, start with two smaller courses: ‘Method and Theory’ and ‘Religion and Society’. Teaching for this course will be given in Rome, to which they will leave in a few weeks. (No, we are not jealous, it only seems so. J)

Me and the other third-semester students will take two compulsory courses: ‘The Three Religions in Contemporary Perspective’ and the thesis colloquium, which should prepare us for the real work in the last semester. Apart from that, we can still choose one course. In my case that’ll be a course about the role of women in the three traditions – I’m curious.

I’m looking forward to the new semester and hope you too!