Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Open Lectures Lund

It has taken some time, but they're coming up again - Lund's Open Lectures! Every term ther RRE program in Lund organises three lectures about an RRE-related theme. They are open to everyone, RRE-affiliated or not and are often continued with a drink in the pub. Feel welcome! The best news: it will be able to follow the lectures on distance as well. Read below on how to do that.

 The Religious Roots of Europe Open Lectures, Autumn 2014
Parting of the Ways between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

From a contemporary perspective we perceive Judaism, Christianity and Islam as three world religions. Even if they share historical and ideological roots, they are still separate entities, with different legacies and groups of believers. Sometimes the difference is emphasized to the point of making us see them as contrasting cultures, or even civilizations. But when did these religions part ways? And how did they part? And are there ideas or practices where they still have not parted, or where they could meet again? In a series of open lectures, the "parting of the ways" will be discussed from a historical perspective. In the first lecture, Dr. Magnus Zetterholm will speak about disagreements within the early Jesus movement as the first stage in the parting of the ways between Judaism and Christianity. Zetterholm - who has been awarded for his study - belongs to an increasing number of scholars who argue for a much later "separation" than previous scholars did. Later, Dr. Holger Zellentin from the University of Nottingham, will bring us to another debated issue: the impact of Christianity and Judaism on early Islam. He will read the Holy Qur'an as a crossroads between the three religions. And finally, the well-known former Professor of Islamology at Lund, Jan Hjärpe, will help us disentangle the parting of the ways between Shia and Sunni Islam - a matter of utmost relevance for understanding the present Middle East. Welcome!

Oct 9, 16.15 LUX C126
 Dr. Magnus Zetterholm
The Politics of Separation: How the Jewish Jesus Movement became an Anti-Jewish Religion

Nov 4, 17.15 LUX C121
Dr. Holger Zellentin, University of Nottingham
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: The Qur'an as a Crossroads

Dec 4, 16.15 LUX C121
Prof. Jan Hjärpe
The many Islams: What about Sunnism and Shiism and the role of religious affiliation?

All lectures take place at LUX, Helgonavägen 3, Lund.
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If you go to the following page: you will be able to log in to the room that is stated in the schedule. It should be possible to attend without logging in, but to ask questions you need your STIL-identity.