Sunday, 22 February 2015

Is the RRE Blog still alive?

Yes, it is. It was just in a state of hibernation, which really isn't that strange if you think about Scandinavian winters. 

But we're back with great news: another student graduating from the program! 
About two weeks ago, Ivana from Serbia handed in her thesis. Me and Thomas visited her on her last full day in Copenhagen. In between catching up over a good cup of coffee and eating Asian food at Wagamama (we recommend), she showed us det Kongelige Bibliotek - Copenhagen's very new Royal Library, which is also known as the Black Diamond
It's a great building with fantastic architecture and a majestic atmosphere. We were highly impressed. Go to Copenhagen, ye prospective RREs. :-)

Ivana and her thesis in front of the room where she spent many hours writing 

Some images of the library, but they don't really do justice to the building. 

By Ivana's request, I had to include a picture with all of us on it. Allright then.
Ivana, congratulations!