Thursday, 20 August 2015

Quiz: 18781, 7, 23, 2018, 8

The first after-sommer blog offers a small quiz. If you think that you know the answer - treat yourself on an ice cream! (If you're not sure whether you got it right, send me a message to get it checked. And treat yourself on ice anyhow :P)

Fill in the xx's with the numbers mentioned in the title of this blog:

The xxth cycle, which will begin its RRE studies very soon, is hereby warmly welcomed into the program. We're happy to have you along! I don't know anything the number of accepted student, but hopefully soon an update on that. You made a proper choice for your MA - now enjoy it! 

Even more amazingly, the RRE program is planning ahead: on the Aarhus RRE website, the courses for the spring term of xx can be found, for the xxth cycle (!). Long live RRE! 

After what I have heard to be a very bad July, the weather in Lund and surroundings has been great lately. Today offers sun and a nice xx degrees, if I may believe Sydsvenskan.

This is ultimate procrastinating behavior (sorry Henrik) as I will hand in my thesis in one week from now. Right now, my thesis has xx words and that should definitely become a few more over the next week. Anyways, I'm soon to graduate - finally - which means that this blog now really needs someone to take over if it is to survive, as I don't think I will, want or should continue writing as an alumna. So, are you an RRE student and would you like to write something about RRE every now and then? Contact me! :-)