Friday, 21 December 2012

a call for help

Hi guys!
Here comes a couple of links, if you are interested to read about the results from the student survey on the nordic master programs, which RRE is a part of. The first link is here in case the second one dosent work, cause the first one leads you to the page where it is explained about the the student survey and the second one leads directly to the survey. Have fun!

Also I kind of wrote this post as a concern for the future of the blog, since we really want to keep it, but we dont really have the time to write stuff. I am, as I have done before, urging both students, former students and professors, to write small texts or big texts they would like to see published on the blog. It dosent take much, and it would help us a lot!

again, our email is religiousroots (a)
we love to get an email from you!

have religiously rooted holiday!