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Application procedure, Aarhus University

The Religious Roots of Europe is a joint programme offered in collaboration between six different Nordic universities (see the programme website ), these universities are here called the Host Institutions. For the academic year 2011-2012, 36 students can be admitted to the programme in total on the six Host Institutions. Applications for admittance is directed to and processed by one of the six Host Institutions, in accordance with the rules and regulations obtaining at this Host Institution. The following is a description of these rules and regulations at the University of Aarhus.
Applicants for one of the study places at Aarhus University must document (by submitting a certified transcript or bachelor certificate stating the subjects studied and the grades obtained) that they have completed or are completing a relevant bachelor degree (below) and that they have obtained a sufficient proficiency in ‘classical’ languages as well as in English (below).
Application deadline
1 March for commencement of studies on 1 September
New online application system
Aarhus University is in the process of developing a new common online application system effective from the 2012 intake. We expect to launch our new system from 1 February 2012.
Admission information
Our application pages will be updated from now until February 2012. Thus, in the time ahead, you may notice we are making a mess – for which we apologise. Specific information about admission requirements, selection criteria, documentation requirements, etc. will be moved to the individual admission pages to be found in the Study Guide. When we open for applications from 1 February 2012, all admission pages will be up-to-date.
In the meantime
While waiting for the opening of the new application system you are welcome to contact the main programme coordinator for all the universities Associate Professor Jakob Engberg, Aarhus University on je@teo.au.dk   

Academic content
Please see the programme website

English language requirements
The most important part of this information is:
English language qualifications comparable to an 'English B level' in Denmark can be documented as follows:
·         TOEFL test results of at least 560 (paper-based test) or 83 (internet-based test)
The Aarhus University TOEFL code is 8935
The Aarhus School of Business TOEFL code is 7993
The AU-IBT (Institute of Business and Technology in Herning) TOEFL code is 8607
The test result must not be more than two years old
·         IELTS test with a minimum score of 6.5 points
The test result must not be more than two years old
·         Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CEA)
·         "C1 level" obtained by examination from a CEFR-validated English language course.
·         English-taught entrance examination (upper secondary school/high school) or Bachelor’s degree
·         English language qualifications obtained through at least 210 hours of English lessons (1 hour = 60 minutes) in a non-Danish entrance examination. You must ask your upper secondary school/high school to provide documentation for the total number of English lessons/hours you have received during your final three upper secondary/high school years. You are required to enclose a copy of your upper secondary/high school certificate, including course and examination descriptions of your English language course.

Academic requirements, including requirements of ancient language proficiency
Admission to the Master’s Programme in European studies at Aarhus University requires successful completion of a relevant BA degree with a major in theology, the study of religion, classical philology, classical archaeology, history or the equivalent.
Since the study programme presupposes an ability to and further trains students in reading ancient religious text in the original languages, and since not all the mentioned bachelor’s degrees in all the Nordic countries or internationally include compulsory classical language training, it is specified as a prerequisite for admittance to the programme that the applicant can document a proficiency in at least one ‘classical’ language, i.e. Greek, Latin, Hebrew or Arabic, which equals the proficiency achieved by studying such a language in a module allotted 20 ECTS credits. [1]
Alternatively, a student can be admitted if she or he can document a proficiency in two of the ‘classical’ languages which equals the proficiency achieved by studying each of these languages in a module allotted 10 ECTS credits each.
Selection criteria
The Master's programme in the Religious Roots of Europe can only admit a limited number of students each year (for the academic year 2009-2010 there are 36 study places in total at the six Host Institutions), so fulfilling the requirements does not in itself guarantee admission to the programme.
If there are fewer qualified applicants at Aarhus University than places at this Host Institution, all qualified applicants are admitted.
If there are more qualified applicants for the programme at Aarhus University than places available, Aarhus University consults the Programme Committee (a joint body overseeing the running of the Programme). The decision, however, rests with Aarhus University and any appeals should be made to Aarhus University.
The criteria for selection between the qualified students are:
·         The number of ECTS credits obtained during bachelor studies in the relevant fields of religion and theology and ancient history, culture and languages. This will be evaluated on the basis of the bachelor certificate or certified transcript.
·         If more applicants have obtained the same number of ECTS credits in these fields then the applicant or applicants with the highest average of grades obtained during bachelor studies is or are admitted. These will be evaluated on the basis of bachelor certificate or certified transcript.
In selecting between the qualified applicants the Programme Committee and Aarhus University therefore focuses on the relevance of your previous studies and on the results achieved.
[1] I Danmark kan de klassiske sprogkrav indfries med et gymnasialt A-niveau i ét af de nævnte sprog, gennem propædeutik eller tilsvarende. Det vil sige, at bacheloruddannelserne i teologi, klassisk filologi og klassisk arkæologi er direkte adgangsgivende, mens en bachelorgrad i ét af de andre nævnte fag kun er adgangsgivende, hvis den studerende også kan dokumentere, at det klassiske sprogkrav er indfriet.

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