Tuesday, 17 January 2012


When I first started blogging, it seems impossible to stop. which might be a good and a bad thing, you chose. I was reading this article last week, in the University Post, about how much time a regular student spends on different activities during the day. they had one diagram for Danish students, one for exchangestudents and one for international full-degree students. I am in that last category, I suppose. I cant remember how many hours we typically spent on the web, but I found myself fitting very well in. Skyping, facebooking, writing emails, checking newspapers for news from home, Its true that I do use a lot of time on this. And still I actually feel like I want to spend more time on it, because there are people I would like to communicate with more often. maybe spending less time checking random things on facebook and more time writing emails and postcards would be time well spent.

The book for todays reading is called "Som dig selv-en indføring i etik", and is a Danish book about ethics. I am writing my exampaper next week, about modern Christianity (modern as in after 1200) and my chosen literature has do with ethics, Luther and free will. I will get the spesific topic/question on monday, and have until friday to do something productive about it. Like writing 8-10pages which is supposed to make some kind of sense. Sooo, I guess I better start with todays reading. See you around!
                                          a very seriously working RRE-student

reflections from Hilde, sunday the 15.of January. also posted on my blog

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