Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Time for a debate!

So I am posting this blog entry in the hope it will not only be a brilliant topic of discussion but also that Christina and I might be able to prove Morten wrong!

How Important is the role of that "authorial intention" plays (if any) when analysing ancient texts?

This debate derives rom a theory developed and discussed by Elizabeth Clark in chapter 8 of History, Theory, Text: Historians and the Linguistic Turn (p162ff).  This is a great booster topic for us third cycles and super great for the 4th cyclers who have just spent 2 weeks studying this!

Get debating!!!


  1. So, which one of you thinks I would right a description of Christianity the same way both if I want to warn readers against it and if I want them to become Christians? =))) Do I understand the topic of discussion correctly?

  2. Sorry, that was "write a description".