Monday, 17 September 2012

Welcome to our world, fourth cycle of RRE!

This month, 22 new students joined RRE, in six different universities of the Nordic Countries. There are 1 in Bergen, 1 in Oslo, 7 in Lund, 5 in Helsinki, 3 in Copenhagen and 5 in Ã…rhus.
Right now those lucky people are in Rome, studying hard in the lovely early autumn, eating ice creams and trying to understand theories about map and territory, and taking a lot of pictures.

The rest of us have to stay in the cold Nordic countries, write assignments and chapters on our thesis, doing languages and dreaming ourselves back to Rome.

Last week Christina, Morten and I went to an evaluation/workshop of the Nordic master programs, Ill write a post about it soon, I promise :) Right now I need to escape from the computer screen, spent way to many hours in front of it.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Wow, 7 in Lund! that's a new =) Glad to know! Thanks for the good news

  2. Thanks for the welcome and best regards from Roma! Paula (one of the Lund students :D)