Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Did you know...

Hi guys!  More from Interactive corner!  This blog entry (inspired by Martin) is for everyone, even the newbie 4th cycles and professors, because every day is an opportunity to learn something new however brainy you are!  Tell us in one sentence something you have already learnt or recently learnt from the course, starting with the epithtet "Did you know that...".  This could be anything intellectual or trivial, for example, "Did you know that the nuns at the nunnery in Rome did not like to be woken up by a bottle of wine (empty, thank goodness) dropping down the stairs."

The best entry will win Catherine Bell's Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice.  

So get thinking guys, and good luck!


  1. Ok, I'll go first

    Did you know that cognitive scientists are well underway in unraveling the mysteries involved in the cognitive processes which make religious thoughts possible?

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