Monday, 28 October 2013

Copenhagen here we come!

While a heavy storm from Great Brittain is heading towards the Öresund area, all fifth cycle RRE students are currently making their way to Copenhagen for the first Compact Seminar of this term!
For readers who wonder what that means: twice a semester students from all the six host universities get together at one of the institutions to get some real-life lectures next to all the distance learning and the local tutorials. Needless to say that this is not only an intellectual, but also a social peak for us RRE-ers. (I.e. I think four out of five nights dinner parties have already been planned.)
From Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning, the fifth cycle will have classes in their compulsory course ‘Emergence of the Three Religions’. On Wednesday afternoon, most fourth cycle students will arrive too and four elective courses (Women in the Three Religions, Philosophy and Wisdom Traditions, Quran (Arabic text course) and Early Christian Martyrdom (Latin text course)) will head off until Friday afternoon.
I will make the trip to Köpenhamn (less than one hour over the bridge from Lund) on Wednesday morning and I can’t wait to catch up with many friends! Hopefully, I’ll manage to give an update of how things are going later during the week.

Stay safe during the storm!


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