Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Open Lectures - more info

It has been mentioned before, but now there is an official invitation for RRE's open lectures at the Lund Faculty, coming from our coordinator Andreas Westergren. Read!

Visualizing Holiness in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
The Religious Roots of Europe Open Lectures, Spring 2014

In spite of cautions against the use of images of the holy, depictions of saintly figures have played a profound role in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In a series of open lectures, this tension will be examined. Three concrete examples of visualization of holiness will be given in history (Krueger) and in the present (Lund and Markussen). The first lecturer, Derek Krueger, is a well-renowned scholar in the study of Late Antiquity and early Byzantium, with a particular interest in saints' stories and gender issues. He is the author of Writing and Holiness: The Practice of Authorship in the Early Christian East. In the second lecture, we turn to the present, and to Jewish superheroes, with the help of Martin Lund. Last year he defended a thesis, Rethinking the Jewish-Comics Connection, at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies. Finally, Hege Irene Markussen will display how the Imam Ali has been depicted on posters. She is an expert on the Alevites in Turkey, and has published Teaching History, Learning Piety: an Alevi Foundation in Contemporary Turkey


Thursday MARCH 13, 18.15, room 118
Visual Celebrations of the Biblical Drama in Early Byzantium 
Prof. Derek Krueger, University of North Carolina at Greenboro

Wednesday MARCH 26,16.15, room 118
A Graphic Chain of Tradition: Jewish Memory, Appropriation, Edification, and Polemics in Superhero Comic Books
Dr. Martin Lund, Lund University

Tuesday MAY 20, 16.15, room 118
Visualization of the Imam Ali in Popular Prints
Dr. Hege Irene Markussen, Lund University
10 September, 16.15, room 118

All lectures take place at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Allhelgona Kyrkogata 8, Lund. For more information, email andreas.westergren@teol.lu.se.

Another nice thing: below blog about the lighter side of RRE was written by our newest blogger, Thomas Hermansson. He's a fourth-cycle student at Lund University. Thomas, thanks for helping out - we hope to read more from your hand.


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