Monday, 3 November 2014

And it's Lund again

Today it’s time for this term’s second compact seminar and – hipp hipp hurra! – this time it’s my ‘academic home town’ to host it. The seminar will start with the Emergence course (for the 6th cycle) this Monday afternoon, which will run until Wednesday morning. From Wednesday afternoon until Friday morning, several courses are planned, a.o. a text course in Arabic and a course on Augustine.

As we’re waiting for the students to arrive, I’ll upload some old Pictures that I made of Lund for anyone who unfortunately cannot make it here. As you can see, they were made during different seasons as we – fortunately – don’t have snow here yet, but an astonishing 14 degrees Celsius. But: beautiful city, eller hur?

NB. Today is also the day that I’ll take the opportunity to convince some new students to take over this blog…wish me luck!


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