Thursday, 18 June 2015

Two MA theses on Augustine

As written before, we in Lund had the pleasure to attend the thesis defense of two 5th cycle students on Tuesday. Coincidentally both theses concerned the writings of Augustine! The two graduates are Kyraki Arvaniti with her thesis "From Nicomachean Ethics to City of God. A study on evolution from metriopatheia to passions and sins" and Annamaria Laviola with "Interchangeable Bodies. The Materialization of Bodies in Augustine’s thoughts on marriage and virginity."

I only could attend the presentation of Annamaria, but I have heard that both students did a very good job. Now they will have a week to revise their theses based on the comments that they received during the seminar and then they will be real RRE graduates. Congratulations, Annamaria and Kyriaki - great work! 

Annamaria during her presentation

Kyriaki giving comments

Pondering professors

The two students after the defense

PS. I'm sure that there must be more people who have finished just before summer, but I only know about Lund. Did you finish or do you know others? Send me some pictures and/or write a blog yourself and it will be uploaded! :-) DS.