Monday, 7 September 2015

Rumi & Ibn Al-Arabi & Clement & Tertullian were in Lund

I don't think the abovementioned two early church fathers ever realised they would become the topic of an RRE master thesis and probably neither so did the two Sufis in the header. 
(They should feel honored, that's what I want to say.)

Anyways, last Thursday Leila Rezaee (5th cycle) presented her thesis on Jesus in Ibn Al-Arabis Fusus al-hisham and in Rumi's Mathnawi. Paula Dubbink (4th cycle) presented about veiling and dress in Clement's Paidagogos and in Tertullian's De Cultu Feminarum and De Virginibus Velandis. After the presentation, the other student asked questions regarding the thesis to the presenter and later also the audience could join in. This led to lively discussions, after which everyone was happy to get drinks&snacks and celebrate. :)

Congratulations, Leila and Paula! 

Discussion time

Professors (Samuel Rubenson, Jonas Otterbeck, Henrik Rydell and Andreas Westergren) and snacks  (cheese, bread, kex, pretzels, chips) afterwards. ;-)

(The careful reader might realise that the girl with the white blouse is me, so I am congratulating myself in this blog. Sorry. Anyways, who takes over this blog? Who? WHO?! Mail me if you're interested, 6th and 7th cycle students!)



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