Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Five questions to the professor

This week we asked Henrik Rydell Johnsen from Lund University to answer our brilliant questionary.
Next week is the third cycle students compact seminar in Lund, so in honour of that we will post an interview with a Lundprofessor that week too.
and maybe some pictures from Lund?

1. Please state your name,age, university and connection to the RREprogram.
Henrik Rydell Johnsén, 45 years, Lund University, teacher in the programme, and coordinator for RRE at Lund University

2. What is your area of expertise? and which courses do you teach in the RREprogram?
Expertise: early Christian monasticism; I teach "Ancient philosophy and the making of theology in early Christianity"

3. How do you find the this way of teaching, which is not regular university courses but also not distance learning?
I like the internet teaching on Aula very much but also the compact seminars. I have appreciated that type of courses in my own studies earlier.

4. What do you expect from your students?
That they have already acquired academic skills and knowledge that correspond to master level studies.

5. If you could have any superhuman power, what would it be and why?

I would like to have some kind of superhuman power that could force politicians to take all the necessary steps that would stop further global climate changes.

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