Monday, 2 April 2012

Did you get April-fooled yesterday?

I simply had to post this link. Unfortuantly it is only in Swedish, I am not sure If they also have a version is English. Lund and Uppsala tried to trick people into believing that the two universities will become one. and it should happen already in December this year.

Somehow, big news that are posted on the 1.of April, about stuff which is suppose to happen very soon, always makes me suspicious. My hometown newspaper reported that Sir Alex Ferguson  from Man.United would visit Haugesund to see the match between Haugesund and Molde, and that he had been seen at the airport of Haugesund saturday evening. The chief/boss of the fotballteam did not get a peaceful moment during the day, cause newspapers and media from all over Norway called him to ask if this was in fact true!

How would you trick a student of religious studies/theology? any ideas (to use for next year)  :)

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