Monday, 30 April 2012

a useful tip for fans of our blog

if you have a google,yahoo or twitter-account, you can "follow" our blog, getting a notice whenever something new is posted.
Also I would like to remind you that on the sidebar of the blog you can find keywords from the posts, like "thesis", "students interviewing professors" "Lund". This is meant as a help if there is something special you want to look for in the blog.

If not before properly explained: If I say that I am in the the second cycle, it means that I belong to the second class doing this program. The program started in 2009, making those starting that autumn the students of RRE 1.Cycle. So I (Hilde) am in the 2.cycle, and Annie, who started in the autumn of 2011, is in the 3.cycle. The newcomers in 2012 will be called 4.cycle.

Hope this made you wiser :)

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