Monday, 2 April 2012

Info of interest, from Lund

While we are in the Swedish mood, here is something that might interest you:

Open Lecture at CTR, Lund:

Tueday , 3 April, at 18.15 in Room 118 at Centre for Theology and Religious Studies,

Ingmar Karlsson, former diplomat (e.g. consul general in Istanbul 2001-2008), research fellow and honorary doctor of divinity at Lund University, will give the second lecture in the series of lectures on Border Crossing between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The lecture is entitled "Alhambra - A Model for 'the European House?", and will be about the coexistence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Spain in the Middle Ages, but also about the fascinating and less known Arabic heritage in European culture. A lecture you cannot miss!

The lecture is followed be free refreshments sponsored by Centre for Theology and Religious Studies.

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