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Deadlines and other fun stuff

1 December 2010
At this time of  the year, we are all waiting for the grades from the first two exams, and preparing for the next ones. We follow Århus`s system, and therefore the autumn semester starts 1.of september and ends 31.of january and the spring semester starts 1.of february and ends 30.of june. In Norway we end the autumn semester around christmastime, and start in week two with the springsemester, therefore some confusion might errupt. our deadlines for being semesterregistered at our university, and signed up for subjects and exams if they are under the supervision of Bergen, is the same date as the semester starts with RRE. doing languages at your norwegian university means that you start late august, and middle january. confused? well its not that complicated. When you start you just go and ask the nice people working at your institute, and they will explain you everything, or you`ll figure it out together. Universities are confusing places cause they are big and have a lot of buildings, and you are never sure who`s responsibility your questions are. Best thing to do is to ask the person you think you are supposed to ask, and if that person cant help you, he or she will most probably guide you to the right one. University systems can be strange and unlogical, but the people working there are sweet and helpful.

By the way, in order to be considered for the master in The religious roots of Europe, there is also deadlines: For Bergen and Århus its 1.of march, for Oslo 15.of april (but earlier for students from outside EU) and for the other ones you have to check with the respective faculties, cause Iam not sure. But basically you only need to know the one for Bergen, cause thats where you are going to apply, right?

merry christmas, and see you again after my januaryexam!:)

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