Friday, 25 November 2011

Updates from Helsinki :)

(Written by Anne Hopia, Helsinki)
The application period for the Religious Roots of Europe (RRE) International Master's Programme opens up at University of Helsinki. It's possible to apply for the programme from 21.11.2011 to 31.1.2012. Please keep track also of the application periods of other Nordic universities participating in the programme!

Greetings from the heart of Helsinki!

The official Christmas Sreet was opened yesterday with the appropriate parade lead by the Santa Claus himself and followed by his red-cheeked Christmas gnomes. The Faculty of Theology of University of Helsinki is located along this very street, which is named in the city map as Aleksanterinkatu. The street has been named after the Russian Emperor Alexander II (1818-1881), who acted also as the Grand Duke of Finland.

This year RRE programme in Helsinki admitted 6 new students, out of them 5 were able to start their studies in Helsinki this autumn. Their educational background represents Theology, History, Classical Philology and Linguistics.

This October also a first cycle student Anna-Liisa Tolonen graduated as a first student from the programme in Helsinki. She finished her studies within 2 years and her thesis handled "The Reception of the Maccabean Martyrs: Their Historiographical and Paradigmatic Functions in Antique and Late-antique Jewish and Christian Sources". Now Anna-Liisa is planning to start postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Theology, where she also works as a study tutor for the 3rd cycle RRE-students. Please read here how she reflected upon the programme a year ago:

The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE) is a joint and international two-year Master's Programme offered by the following Nordic universities: Aarhus, Bergen, Copenhagen, Lund and Oslo. Compact seminars are organised at all these institutions as well as in Nordic institutes in the Mediterranean area.

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