Wednesday, 9 November 2011

P is for Polyglot. RRE from A to Z

12 January 2011
A is Academics, Arabic, Ancient studies and Aarhus
B is for Bergen
C is for Compact Seminar, Curriculum,Christianity, Coptic and Copenhagen (and sometimes: Confusion)
D is for Discussions, Denmark
E is for English, Exams,Emergence and Europe
F is for Friendship, Finland
G is for Greek, Gnostic texts
H is for Hebrew and Helsinki
I is for Islam, Interaction and Ice Cream (really good one in Rome!!)
J is for Judaism and Joint  and international program
K is for Knowledge
L is for Languages, Learning, Latin and Lund
M is for Master thesis (!)
N is for Nordic, Norway
O is for Oslo
P is for Paganism, Polyglot and Program Comitee
Q is for Questions
R is for Religion, Roots and Rome
S is for Syriac, Sweden
T is for Theology, Teaching,Text-courses and Travelling
U is for Understanding
V is for the Vestal Virgins
W is for Welcomes students from all over the World
X is for Xenophilia
Y is for ...
Z is, still trying to figure these last ones out

Will be updated:)

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