Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I dont know what you did last summer...But I do know what you should do next autumn

15 November 2010
My (Hilde's) bachelordegree is a mixture of three different universities and one university college (høgskole). After spending nine months in Copenhagen after high school, working as a kind of social worker/volunteer,followed by five weeks in a small Finnish town calles Kaskinen/Kaskô, as a summeworker, it became clear to me and probably also people around me, that I would never manage five years of studies in one Norwegian city. And the prophesy turned out correct, I have studied two years in Trondheim, one and a half in Stavanger  and a half in Århus, Denmark. Inbetween this I did something possibiliy more strange, I had a summerjob in SWEDEN. Norwegians dont do that, Its not normal. which is kind of why I did it.
I have spent one summer in Copenhagen in an international summercourse, and all this things put together finally got me a bachelors degree in religion and intercultural communication.
Then came the question about the master, and I was in as much doubt as I was when starting studying. I wanted to keep on with religion, but a "normal" master in religion sounded somehow a bit boring. I decided I wanted to study in Norway, and thats the reason why the master in religion sounded boring, it would be in norwegian, and there would not be any international people in it. so, what to do?

I did the same as many other do, and googled universities. And I found a masterprogram which sounded interesting, and Iam a bit afraid for saying this, cause my professors might read it, but the reason why this masters program caught my eye was not the courses taught, it was the possibility to travel ,and to be with international people. I started reading more, and yes dear professors, I also found the courses offered interesting, and I do admire the work put into making this masters program.

A Master in RRE will not give me the dream job. You will never find a job advertisment saying: "prefered applicants are thoes who has a master in the religious roots of europe". BUT you can use this master, together with skills obtained from earlier studies, jobs, voluntery work, and the person you are, to sometime in the future get the job of your dreams. You do not only learn alot about the historical roots of the three religions: judaism, christianity and islam, and get a better understanding of how these religions have shaped Europe, you also learn to communicate on a higher level of english, you can learn a classical language and improve one you allready have a basis in, and you get an important basis if you are thinking about an international carriere.

AND: you get to meet some of the most lovely people you will ever meet, that should, according to me, be counted in aswell.

Still in doubt? contact one of the universities who are taking part in this Nordic Masters program. Of course I will strongly recommend Bergen, its a perfect sized city surronded by lovely nature, many good obtions for cafes and nightlife, is proud of beeing a student city, and has a pretty good university;)

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