Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How to get accepted for RRE

The Masters in the Religious Roots of Europe is a 2 year full-time study programme. When you apply, you apply directly to the university you wish to be immatriculated at, and it is for the individual University to decide wether you qualify for acceptance, and to send you the information you will need to start living and studying in a new country and at a new University (if you are international student). So if you want to study in Bergen you follow Bergens application procedures, and if you want to apply to Helsinki you follow Helsinki`s application procedures.

BUT, there are some general rules.The studyplan says:

"The Master’s Programme is open to students with a bachelor’s degree with a major in theology, the study of religion, classical philology, classical archaeology, history or the equivalent. The Master’s Programme with its modules and courses progresses from the learning outcome, knowledge, skills and abilities obtained by the students through these bachelor’s programmes."


you must be able to document that you have passed modules equal to (or more than) 20 ECTS in either: arabic, hebrew, greek or latin.

Further, its it required that you have a good profiecency in English. a proof of that is that you can find all my spelling mistakes. or rather: you should do a TOEFL-test. (nordic students should send their diploma from high school/secondary school with the application)

For the individual Universities, see:

Helsinki/Helsingfors: 31.of january, Århus: 1. of march, Bergen 1.of march, Oslo: 15 of april (1. of December for outside EU/EØS students)  Copenhagen:   1.of march   Lund: 17 of January.

and remember: From 2011 Norway is the only country who does not take school fees for students from outside European Union/EØS/EFTA. so thats a  good reason for coming to Norway :-)

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