Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Why does it always rain on me?

21 January 2011
I (Hilde) had a serious appointment with my camera this week, wishing to show you how beatiful Bergen can be. But the problem is, it has a tendency to rain here. Which in a way is good, cause that keep you more focused on studying. I cant imagine studying in a warm, dry place, close to a beach, and no hills to climb, except if you really wanted to go on a mountain trip. I climb down one and then up a hillside again, to go to campus. Bergen is not build high heels or heavy luggage, thats for sure.

But it is also a beatiful city, and on sunny days the best place to be is in the park on campus, outside a cafe, or on the mountaintop "Fløyen" . We are doing a compact seminar here in october, and I am hoping to take the whole bunch up to one of the mountains, would be great:)
but first there is springsemester, with long days of reading, writing summaries and pulling out every hairstraw from your head in frustration, lunchbreaks with lots of strange and interesting topics, a course about ethics in scientifical work, a cold, a trip to Lund and one to Oslo, and at some point: summer in Bergen.

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